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Alpha MOS electronic tongues

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Electronic tongues
In a way similar to the human tongue, electronic tongues perform a global taste assessment of a complex mixture of dissolved organic or inorganic compounds.

New food products development with an electronic tongue and an electronic nose
This application note describes the sensory evaluation of various formulations of snacks, with an aim to select the optimized product that will meet the market expectations. Eight formulations of snacks were analysed both by a sensory panel and by E-Nose and E-Tongue. The sample set includes snacks obtained based on different manufacturing processes that lead to different textures. The samples were pulverized using blade mixer before analysis, to get homogenised samples. The panel of trained assessors used a Quantitative Descriptive Analysis based on 26 descriptors among which 7 for texture, 5 for aroma, and 14 for flavor. The combination of E-Nose and E-Tongue measurements showed the same grouping of samples as the sensory panel.

Benchmarking of competition by E-Tongue with application to beer flavor and aroma
The Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue allows to efficiently, accurately and reliably discriminate different brands of beers. The instrument can also successfully be used for product development or quality control.

Competitive benchmarking of smoothies with e-nose and e-tongue
Combining the information from the electronic nose and the electronic tongue is very powerful: a sensory map is obtained, showing both the taste and the odor attributes of the analyzed products.

Authentification of spirits by electronic tongue
The Alpha MOS ASTREE MOS Electronic Tongue, using an array of 7 sensors specifically designed for use in the food/beverage industry, allows to rapidly detect adulterated Cognac (or other spirits) on the market place.

Competitive benchmarking and development of new coffee products with e-tongue
The Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue system offers higher speed of analysis than traditional techniques, thanks to its global analysis of products, and helps manufacturers speed up competitive benchmarking and new product development process. This study describes some examples of the possibilities offered by the Alpha MOS Electronic Tongue.

Coffee bitterness determination with an electronic tongue
The Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue can be used to determine the bitterness level of various coffee preparations. After building a bitterness scale with the e-tongue from coffees tested by a sensory panel, the instrument can then be used to assess bitterness of components extracted from coffee.

Formulation taste optimization with an electronic tongue
The Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue is a useful tool to assess the taste masking efficiency of sweeteners, flavors, sweeteners combined with flavors and global pharmaceutical formulations.

Bitterness measurement of active drug by electronic tongue
The Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue can be used for the bitterness measurement of an active drug. The results obtained are more repeatable than those of a sensory panel.

Alpha MOS instruments for sensory analysis
Alpha MOS offers instruments and solutions for chemical profiling. Alpha MOS sensing technologies digitize the human senses and can provide an odor, taste or chemical profile of a product.

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The Electronic Nose and Tongue: a powerful marketing and sales tools in the Japanese food and beverage industry

In Japan electronic nose and tongue instruments have been widely used as Research and Development tools particularly in the food, beverage and cosmetics industries for shelf life analysis or formulation developments. They are more and more used nowadays at the production floor as easy, reliable and fast organoleptic Quality Control instruments. They do give simple electronic signature correlated with the smell and taste qualities (quantitative or qualitative). They can also provide a chemical firewall instrument or early warning process indicators of any changes in the raw materials profiles or finished products qualities.

Electronic Nose and Tongue instruments are now included in sales and marketing tools. They are used by vendors in order to:

  • Guarantee objectively the batch to batch consistency of products to their customers by providing an electronic signature on every lot delivered
  • Outrun competitors by showing objective specifications of their products
  • Position their products versus competition

Electronic Nose and Tongue instruments can be not only part of a manufacturer's specifications under an electronic signature format within relationships with customers or suppliers, but they can also be used as powerful tools to objectivate the organoleptic the specifications of a manufacturer’s products.

This article presents examples where the Electronic Nose and Tongue are part of the marketing and sales efforts of food companies in Japan.

Application notes

Instrumental multi-sensory characterization of processed cheese
This study showed the interest of combining electronic nose, electronic tongue and electronic eye analyses in order to achieve a detailed sensory evaluation of food products.

Sensory QC of tomato sauce with an electronic nose and an electronic tongue
Date of creation: 
30 December 2015
Library code: 
Umami taste assessment with an electronic tongue
Date of creation: 
30 December 2015
Library code: 
Testing the efficiency of the CIP process in the beverage industry with E-Nose
Date of creation: 
31 October 2015
Library code: 
Benchmarking analysis of pharmaceutical tablets by electronic tongue
Date of creation: 
19 November 2015
Library code: 
Testing the bitterness masking efficiency of oral formulations by electronic tongue
Date of creation: 
19 November 2015
Library code: 
Date of creation: 
20 November 2015
Library code: 
Masking optimization of active principle bitterness by e-tongue
Date of creation: 
20 November 2015
Library code: 

Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue
ASTREE is the key tool for objective and safe taste assessment: taste masking, shelf life studies, taste comparison, etc.

Alpha MOS instruments for sensory analysis
Date of creation: 
15 October 2015
Library code: