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Omni offers a complete portfolio of homogenizers and reagents for sample preparation in pharmaceutical, life science, biotechnology, agricultural, microbiology and chemical research laboratories.

Application notes

Evaluating the efficacy and reproducibility of automated homogenization technologies
In this application, Omni evaluates the potential for an automated homogenization system to increase sample throughput and improve reproducibility by comparing two automated homogenization technologies to the widespread approach of hand held rotor stator based homogenization.

High-throughput extraction of cannabinoids from cannabis analog on the Omni Prep 96 automated homogenizer
Date of creation: 
25 January 2020
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Omni automated high-throughput homogenization workstations
This brochure introduces the Omni Prep 96 automated sample preparation homogenizer workstation and the Omni LH 96 automated sample preparation liquid handling and homogenizer workstation.

Omni Prep Six Sample homogenizer
Date of creation: 
29 January 2019
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Omni Prep 96 automated sample preparation homogenizer workstation
Date of creation: 
27 January 2019
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