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Quality assurance of meat products

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Application note
Alpha MOS
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30 October 2015
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Alpha MOS Electronic Nose technology at Mirinz, the Meat Research Institute of New Zealand

Ground meats are used extensively around the world as an ingredient in food products such as beef burgers. The process of grinding meat introduces air (thus oxygen) into close proximity of oxidisable lipids. Oxidation of lipids is the cause of rancidity development in meat and meat products. Cooked meat products, prepared from even slightly rancid meat tastes cardboardy and painty, are considered unacceptable by many consumers. There is a need for meat processors and manufacturers to have a noninvasive method to test the freshness of meat. Current methods rely on expensive and relatively subjective taste panels or invasive and slow chemical test.

Results indicate that the Electronic Nose as an analytical instrument can be a complementary tool to sensory panels to quickly assess the storage quality of raw and cooked ground meat with minimum sample preparation and analysis time.