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Benchmarking of competition by E-Tongue with application to beer flavor and aroma

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Alpha MOS
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3 November 2015
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Comparing the taste and the flavor of your beers with competitors’ ones

Brewers need to anticipate competitive strategies and keep on developing new, innovative and attractive products: beer with caffeine, guarana or ginseng, well balanced drinks with selected hops, beers with aromas of blackberry, raspberry and cherry, functional beers, etc. In order to successfully launch new beers, brewers need to compare their products with competitors’ ones. The ability to determine the taste characteristics of new products will enable producers to more rapidly develop beers that fit changing consumer tastes.

The Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue allows to efficiently, accurately and reliably discriminate different brands of beers. The instrument uses an array of 7 sensors specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. These sensors perform global taste analyses similar to the human tongue’s taste receptors. The system also includes an auto-sampler and an easy-to-use software for statistical data analysis.

Taste map (Principal Components Analysis) of different bands of beer

With the Alpha MOS ASTREE E-Tongue benchmarking of competitor’s products in terms of taste and flavor can be achieved with greater speed than with traditional analytical techniques and with more objectivity in comparizon with sensory panels.

The ASTREE Electronic Tongue can also used for product development or quality control.