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Drug ingredients stability testing with an electronic tongue

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Application note
Alpha MOS
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19 November 2015
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The stability of ingredients plays an essential role in defining the correct formulation and the product life cycle. The stability of selected ingredients dictates formulation, ingredient selection and ultimately the type of packaging and expiration dates of drug products. Companies are required to perform stability testing and shelf life measurements to insure the efficacy of the products over time. One aspect of the product as it ages is the effect on the quality of the aroma or taste under the influence of a variety of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, or light. Depending on the chemical stability of the ingredient, ageing can have several effects such as modifying the actual flavor or taste, masking the desired flavor with off compounds or decreasing of the flavor (flavor scalping). Stability testing determines the suitability of ingredients, the recommendation of storage conditions, the retest period and the term of shelf stability.

The Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue is an effective tool to study the stability of ingredients used in the formulation of active drugs and the delivery system. The data provided by ASTREE can also help to select the packaging type and to determine the effect of storage conditions.

ASTREE is a fast and simple to use system providing easily validated and reliable results. The number of formulations and alternatives can be increased to insure proper decisions without “stressing” the laboratory and sensory panels.