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Alpha MOS instruments for sensory analysis

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15 October 2015
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Sensory analysis of odor, taste and vision

Alpha MOS offers instruments and solutions for chemical profiling. Alpha MOS sensing technologies digitize the human senses and can provide an odor, taste or chemical profile of a product.

Electronic nose

In a way similar to the human nose, Electronic Noses detect, analyze and recognize odors, aromas and volatile organic components and provide an overall odor fingerprint of products.

The HERACLES system uses ultra fast gas chromatography technology with integrated preconcentration. This electronic nose analyzes both the olfactory fingerprint of a product as well as chemical compounds contributing to olfactory differences. With the  ArochemBase database, containing chemical and sensory data, the molecules detected by the HERACLES system can be classified according to their Kovats indices.

Electronic tongue

In a way similar to the human tongue, the ASTREE electronic tongue performs a global analysis (taste fingerprint) of a complex mixture of dissolved organic or inorganic compounds. The ASTREE analyzes all components responsible for taste in liquid samples. Its detection system consists of 7 ChemFET sensors and a reference electrode. The Electronic Tongue is specifically designed for applications in R&D, formulation and product development:

Electronic eye

The IRIS Electronic Eye analyzes colors and shapes. The instrument allows to analyze the overall product as well as selected portions of this product. The IRIS features rapid analysis and performs qualitative and quantitative measurements. It is specifically adapted to applications in off-line quality control, process monitoring and product development.