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Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue

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15 October 2015
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> Food and beverage
> Pharmaceutical and neutraceutical (21 CFR Part 11 Compliant)

Cutting edge technology for taste development of formulation

The Alpha MOS ASTREE Electronic Tongue is the key tool for objective and safe taste assessment.

Taste masking   -   Improve your formulation for better consumer likings

  • Optimize the taste masking efficiency of active (NCE / Nutraceutical) formulation even before safety assessment study
  • Assess the impact on taste of every ingredient
  • Measure the bitterness intensity and improve your formulation design / selection
  • Enlarge your portfolio of choice of ingredients without a systematic use of sensory panel

Shelf life   -   Efficiently compare the stability profile of various formulations under stress or natural ageing

  • Analyze taste evolution and stability of oral formulations according to various storage conditions, time or packaging

Taste comparison   -   Compare new and original formulations, yours and competitors, brand products and generics, products from various origins

  • Benchmark your competitors
  • Monitor quality of your suppliers
  • Compare your processes

What can the ASTREE Electronic Tongue do for you?

  • Develop products with consumer oriented taste
  • Avoid consumer complains and re-development process
  • Multiply taste screening and test more formulation candidates
  • Build internal organoleptic expertise
  • Save time and money by speeding up product development

Saltiness, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, umami, pungency, speciness, astringency, kukomi…

Food and beverages applications

  • Mineral water
  • Soda, fruit and vegetable juice
  • Coffee, tea and chocolate
  • Dairy products and milk
  • Beer, wine and liquor
  • Dried soup and tomato sauce
  • Salad dressing and vinegar
  • Taste masking eddiciency
  • Discrimination of origins
  • Product stability tasting
  • Packaging migration monitoring
  • Taste matching of gold reference
  • Comparizon with other products

Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications

  • Tablets (coated, effervescent and dispersible)
  • Lozenges
  • Microgranules
  • Powder
  • Hard or soft capsules
  • Oral liquid solutions and syrups
  • Bitterness masking efficiency
  • Shelf life and ageing
  • Placebo taste matching
  • Quantification of additive and drugs
  • Comparison with competitive products