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Alpha MOS instruments dedicated to odour, taste and visual aspect (colour and shape) analysis

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Alpha MOS
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21 December 2017
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Specialized in electronic sensing systems, Alpha MOS company positions as the world leader in the design and development of instruments dedicated to odour, taste and visual aspect (colour and shape) analysis. To answer the needs of the major industries, Alpha MOS offers reliable and fast solutions that can control the sensory quality of their products and secure their manufacturing processes.

First company to market electronic noses, Alpha MOS has always made strong investments in R&D to develop innovative products that would meet the needs not fulfilled that far. Several developments about systems and methods for measuring odours and liquids, for quantifying odours intensity or for processing data are patented.

HERACLES odour analysis

HERACLES is dedicated to the analysis of your products’ aroma as well as chemical molecules composing the odour, with AroChemBase option. HERACLES uses flash gas chromatography technology and unique technical characteristics, to provide unsurpassed performance in assessing the chemical composition and related sensory attributes.

ASTREE taste analysis

The ASTREE electronic tongue is an instrument dedicated to the analysis of your products’ taste. Based on ChemFET sensor technology and conductivity measurements, this device can detect all organic and inorganic compounds responsible for taste in liquids in order to assess the overall taste profile, just as the human tongue does.

IRIS colour and shape analysis

Based on high resolution camera imaging under controlled lighting conditions in a closed cabinet, IRIS visual analyzer achieves a detailed measurement of products aspect (colours and shapes). The instrument can evaluate the whole product as perceived by the consumer or focus on selected portions.