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Semi-volatiles in water

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Application notes

Determination of 1,4-dioxane using Horizon 5000 automated SPE system
This application note proves that EPA method 522 can be successfully implemented in a laboratory using the Biotage Horizon 5000 automated solid phase extraction system. Four LFB samples were analyzed for precision and accuracy, yielding an average recovery value of 85.25% with an RSD of 2.93%. Both values meet the acceptance criteria of the method.


Biotage Horizon 5000 automated extraction system
The Horizon 5000 automated extraction system is a programmable, multipurpose SPE system, capable of processing aqueous samples directly from their original containers. Once the process is initiated, each module delivers all the necessary solvents to precondition the sorbent material within the SPE disk, passes the water sample through the disk and, after a preset air-dry time, extracts the sorbed analytes from the disk into a collection vessel using the required amounts of solvents.

Biotage Horizon SmartPrep automated cartridge extraction system
Date of creation: 
21 January 2020
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Biotage Horizon environmental sample preparation consumables
Date of creation: 
21 January 2020
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