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Determination of particle size in concentrated dispersions by acoustic spectrometry
Acoustic spectrometry is an ideal technique to analyze particle size distribution and state of agglomeration in concentrated suspensions like ceramic slurries, cements or paints, even paste-like. The size range extends from nano-sized to the upper micro-size range.



3P Dispersion Technology DT-1202 acoustic and electroacoustic spectrometer
The DT-1202 combines two instruments, the acoustic attenuation spectrometer DT-100 and the electroacoustic probe DT-300 in one device. Thus it is able to measure simultaneously particle size distribution and zeta potential of a liquid, concentrated dispersions in its original state without any modification like dilution!


3P Dispersion Technology DT-100/DT-110 acoustic spectrometers
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25 March 2021
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