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Teledyne Tekmar Torch combustion TOC analyzer

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Teledyne Tekmar
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5 August 2022
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Combustion TOC analyzer

The Torch combustion TOC analyzer utilizes static pressure concentration (SPC) for the analysis of TOC using high temperature combustion with an optional TN module.

The Torch combustion TOC analyzer is designed to accurately detect carbon content in aqueous matrices. Chemistries and sample processing with Windows-driven PC control, provides a fast, reliable test of the quality of water and solutions. It uses a high temperature combustion furnace, and a patented pressurized NDIR detector that allows a degree of sensitivity previously unattainable.

The Torch analyzer contains a built in autosampler with three vial rack choices, PC driven control, and automated calibration and intellidilution. This will automatically dilute over-range samples to within the working calibration range. Routine maintenance is simplified by design allowing easy access to all areas of the unit.


  • Auto-calibration from a single stock standard eliminates the need for manual standard preparation
  • Intellidilution feature automatically detects samples that have exceeded the selected calibration range and dilutes it to fall within the selected range
  • Static pressure concentration technology (patented)
  • Rail system for easy maintenance of combustion tube
  • Built-in benchmark diagnostic check - including leak check
  • Mass flow controller for more efficient cleanup between samples
  • Optional vial mixing capabilities
  • Optional TN Module
  • Optional In-vial sparging for removal of Inorganic Carbon (IC)
  • Priority samples via schedule interrupt